Widen Your World by expanding the capabilities of WO Traffic with the following automation tools to realize time and cost savings.

Automate airtime reporting
WO Airtimes helps save time and money by using automation to reduce the time and effort spent on recurring airtime reports. By integrating with WO Traffic, WO Airtimes automatically generates and delivers accurate reports to agencies and advertisers.

Streamline LFDR programming management
WO Long Form DR is a comprehensive SAAS-based platform that provides a unique set of inventory management tools to maximize revenue and streamline processes associated with Long Form Direct Response (LFDR) programming. Seamless integration with WO Traffic allows automatic transfer of confirmed LFDR programming to your traffic system.

Automate end-to-end exchange of material instructions
Electronic Material Instructions is a licensed module available for WO Traffic that automates the end-to-end exchange of material instructions between buyers and media companies, saving time and reducing costs.

Automate enforcement of business rules before spots air
Order Validation is a licensed module available for WO Traffic that ensures all orders comply with broadcaster-defined business rules at the point of order entry. Errors are automatically caught prior to the spot airing, saving time previously wasted on searching for and fixing incorrect or missing data.

Automate data exchange with integrations
Integrations connect WideOrbit’s end-to-end media operations platform with certified third-party systems and WideOrbit partners to help efficiently scale your business. Our pre-built or custom integrations can save you time and money by automating both processes and data exchange to create centralized workflows.