Let us help protect your WideOrbit systems

The costs associated with a ransomware attack can be extreme and go far beyond the monetary payment. Additional costs can include the expense of attack mitigation and recovery, damage to brand reputation, and downtime and associated revenue loss.

Media companies need a solid plan in place to safeguard their data and their businesses against the high cost of a ransomware attack. WideOrbit Professional Services can help.

Our Professional Services team offers consulting services to help guide you through developing and implementing your backup strategy, as well as provide a review of your existing WideOrbit systems to ensure your hardware and software are current and up to date.

We can also provide information on the benefits of a WideOrbit Managed Services solution, which provides improved security and reliability, committed service levels, geo-redundant backups, and secured off-site data retention.

For more information on our consulting services for help setting up a backup plan, or for more information on our Managed Services, please complete the form.