How advertisers can reach growing digital audio audiences with automated buying

WideOrbit’s Ad eXchange provides media buyers with automated access to quickly and easily bid on and buy available digital audio inventory.

With automation, brands, agencies, and DSPs can:
  • Access available impressions from streaming radio, pure-play stations, and podcast hosts
  • Build campaigns to target by station, format, genre, geography, demographic, and device
  • Access packaged inventory from multiple publishers, bundled based on geography, device type, or audience segment
  • Retrieve near real-time impression data upon confirmed, dynamic ad insertion, allowing for campaign optimization
For digital audio publishers, programmatic selling provides:
  • Access to programmatic buyers, many for the first time, opening new sources of revenue
  • Access to premium brands delivering quality creative, without compromising user experience across formats, listening platforms, and devices

Discover how automation can make buying and selling digital audio easier than ever.